Boats and babes collide in this hysterical fails compilation

We humans seem to have a fascination for water. We like going to the beach, swim in lakes, we canoe, we flyboard, raft, paddleboard, kayak, kite surf. We build pools. And the list could go on forever.
There is no denial that most of us seem to love water. Except for, of course, when it comes under the form of rain. For some reason, rain doesn’t suit us. Maybe it’s tiny drops of water that we don’t like.
That being said, water doesn’t always like us. The video below is a hilarious compilation of people who just don’t get along well with water. If you equally like boat fails and girl fails, then you’re in luck. This video combines the two for maximum effects. Some of these fails are just unbelievable! Looking at these images, you’ll realize why there are some people who honestly shouldn’t be allowed on boats. Ever.
If you need something to brighten up your day and put a giant smile on your face, this is definitely the video for you. Check it out and don’t forget to share if you want to make somebody’s day just a little bit better.

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