Here’s what happens when you feed your baby lemons for the first time

A baby’s life is full of new discoveries and doing things for the first time. For them, every new day comes with a new learning opportunity that helps them discover the world around them. Something as ordinary as eating a lemon turns into an exciting experience if it’s your first time doing it.
One of the best things about having children is that you get to discover the world you live in all over again. Everything seems more exciting and more fascinating seen through children’s eyes. As a parent, you can only feel grateful for getting the chance to witness the wonders of someone seeing the world for the first time.
That’s the poetry of it all. But having the chance to see your child try new things for the first time also comes with the chance to harmlessly laugh at your baby and the funny faces they make when they taste something for the first time.
The video below is a hilarious compilation of babies tasting lemons for the first time ever. Their reactions are priceless! You won’t be able to refrain yourself from laughing watching this!

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