Angry Employee Crushes Boss’ Mercedes at Work

I think it’s safe to say that most of us gave gotten angry at our bosses at least a few times. After all, nobody is perfect. Whether it’s because they’ve accused us of something we didn’t do, or because they didn’t reward us based on our merits, we’ve all experienced times when our bosses weren’t our favorite people in the world.
But no matter how angry you might have gotten on your boss, chances are you didn’t think about running over his car with a huge utility car. Even if you did, you surely did not act on your thoughts.
Well, there’s at least one employee out there who did, and the entire moment was caught on video. His boss was giving an interview for a local news station when it all happened.
The news crew’s camera capture the moment the angry employee crushed his boss’s expensive car. The boss couldn’t believe his eyes when he see what is going on just behind him, and for a minute, seems like he doesn’t know how to react.
Well, I hope that employee got the revenge he wanted, because this is definitely coming out of his paycheck.

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