She steps into an elevator and what happens makes her heart DROP

Have you noticed that many of the pranks that went viral online involved an elevator? It’s something about being in a small space, with no control whatsoever that just makes elevators the perfect scene for an unforgettable prank.
The prank you are just about to see also involves an elevator, and it’s definitely all kinds of scary! In this particular prank, the unsuspecting victims are given the scare of their lives, and it’s surely not something I would like to experience.
The idea of the prank is pretty straightforward: the victim walks into what she thinks it’s just a regular elevator. Seconds later, she realizes that it’s definitely not a regular elevator. In fact, it’s quite the opposite of that. The floor opens up, and the victim falls right under. I can’t imagine what went through these people’s minds when the floor beneath the opens and they fall straight under. It sure isn’t a nice feeling to not know where they are going.
How would you have reacted if anything like this were to happen to you? Would you have been able to laugh about it once you realized it was just a prank?

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