When his employer asks ‘Where does your mother work?’ A young man learns a powerful lesson…

There’s no other bond that compares to the connection between a mother and her children. There’s nothing a mother isn’t willing to sacrifice if that means making the life of her children just a little bit easier. A mother’s love is infinite; they give so much without expecting anything in between. In the turmoil of life, we sometimes forgive just how much our mothers have sacrificed for us. We forget to pick out the phone and tell them just how much we miss our moms and how much we appreciate them for everything they’ve done for us.
We forget that we owe them most of our successes, and that without them, we’ve probably never manage to achieve the things we are most proud of.
That is why we could all stand to be reminded just how important our moms really are. The video below shares a great story of a man who was being interviewed for a managerial top position at an important company. The man was asked a seemingly simple question: “Where did your mother work?” What happened next is a powerful lesson everybody needs to be aware of.
This is for all you awesome moms out there who always seem tireless when it comes to helping your children.

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