He thought he was alone in the water but when he looks down and sees THIS in the water? Incredible!

Many people have whale watching on their bucket list. But whether it’s because of lack of money, lack of time, or both, most of them never get to fulfill their dream. Well, watching this video is the closest thing to getting to experience seeing a whale up close in reality.
The clip shows the once-in-a-lifetime encounter between a paddle boarder and a whale, and the images are simply breathtaking. The clip was taken off the coast of Western Australia in Esperance, a place that can clearly be dubbed as a little heaven on Earth.
The lucky paddle boarder was joined by two curious whales that were peacefully swimming in the water. The majestic mammals unexpectedly took an interest in the man and his paddle board and went to take a closer look.
Blue water, blue shy, and two impressive whales to take the whole scenery to whole new heights…Now, tell me, isn’t nature sublime? Don’t answer that before you get the chance to watch the clip.
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