The song “YMCA” comes on the speaker. When THIS guy starts performing? The audience GOES CRAZY!

Many people would say that 54 is a proper age to slow down and maybe be less adventurous. Appearing on stage at a TV show that is watched by millions and millions of people worldwide is definitely not on the to-do list of most people who are past their 50s.
Well, the man in the video below is definitely not like most people his age. The man has always wanted to be a part of a music group and make a living doing what he does best, and that is entertain people with his amazing talent. And considering he’s not one to pass on opportunities when he comes across them, he decided to give the show America’s Got Talent a shot.
Christopher is a dancer, and a puppeteer, but he’s not like any dancers or puppeteers you might have seen up until now. He’s a very original version of both of those. I think that’s the best way to put it. Originality is definitely his strongest asset. This quality is what helped him impress both the judges and the audience.
This is definitely a performance you don’t want to miss. Take a look and don’t forget to share.

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