She’s been fighting cancer, but when she went to dinner, she never expected to see HIM

Being diagnosed with cancer is something none of us like to even think about. Unfortunately, for so many people out there, it’s not a matter of “want”; it’s a matter of “have”. They are forced to face a difficult reality, and having the support of family and friends is essential. Carol Cesario is one of them. She has been fighting stage 4 lung cancer during which time she has endured grueling treatment.
Carol took a moment to unwind and try to forget about her problems when she joined her family for dinner at the Soul Kitchen restaurant. Her family has been planning the reunion for quite some time, and Carol had no idea what kind of surprise her loved ones had in store for her.
Cesario’s daughter Rose was in on it, and managed to keep the surprise a secret for an entire month. She admits it wasn’t easy to do, as she is used to sharing everything with her mom.
But the surprise was worth it. You won’t believe what major celebrity her family managed to bring as the main guest of the reunion. For Cesario, it was like a dream come true. You need to see this!

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