Dad warms hearts by nursing dog’s favorite toy ‘back to health’

This dad went viral on social media, with his incredibly unique way of ‘fixing’ the family’s dog favorite stuffed bear. The tiny dog had forgotten his toy outside overnight, and the snow made it look unrecoverable, but the dad found an epic way to save the day.

Just like many of our puppies, Lucky – an adorable Bichon – befriended a tiny stuffed bear, and the two quickly became inseparable! “It has no stuffing left in it anymore and it goes everywhere with him,” Michaella Wallace, Lucky’s mom, explained to The Dodo. “He plays with it at all times, and protects it like it’s his own baby!”


So you can imagine what a tragedy it might have been if Lucky would have lost his fluffy companion. Nonetheless, he was incredibly close to lose it for good. But fortunately, Michaella’s dad, Terry, did what fathers do: making things back again.

One day, while she was gone to college, Michaella noticed she had some fresh messages on the family’s group. As it turned out, the day before, Lucky went out for a walk and as always, he took his stuffed toy with him. But a snow storm approached and he rushed back inside, leaving his precious toy on the front steps. Next day in the morning, Terry noticed the stiffed bear and it didn’t look too good, but the dad decided to bring him ‘back to life.’


“With the first week of classes starting, my dad wanted to send me a little something for a pick-me-up,” the young lady told the PA Media.

Using some soap and hair dryer, Terry managed to make the teddy bear look as before. But since he also wanted to turn the whole story into a drama, and to send his family into laughter, he even set up a ‘recovery room,’ and he constantly uploaded photos of the rescue on the family’s group. The result is comical!

“He might have passed,” the dad wrote! But as it turned out, the hope wasn’t lost, yet.


“I found a slight pulse,” Terry wrote. “I’m doing CPR.”


Fortunately, after long efforts, Terry managed to rescue the stuffed, which – by the way – fully recovered!


Speaking for the PA Media, Michaella Terry explained. “My dad’s been doing things to make my mom and I laugh my whole life,” she said. “He always has gone the extra mile to bring a connection between us. His time he gets to spend with us has always been limited due to his work schedule, so he has always tried to make the best of it.”

(h.t: the dodo | thedad)

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