Daddy Dresses Her as A Princess and Hits Record, Footage Is Melting Everyone’s Heart

You may remember the adorable little girl in the video below from a previous video where she did a beautiful rendition of ‘You Got a Friend in Me’ alongside her father. Now, Claire Ryann is back with a new rendition of another children’s classic – and it’s taking the Internet by storm.
This time, Claire covers a “Tale as Old as Time,” the famous song from the Beauty and the Beast. Dressed in a poofy princess dress that looks straight out of a Disney movie, Claire manages to convey the emotion of the song perfectly. Although she’s not even old enough to go to school, Claire managed to remember all the lyrics and sing them flawlessly.
At only four years old, she’s already a little celebrity online, and now she can add being the star of a professional music video to her resume. If she keeps going down the path she is on right now, it’s safe to say she will have a long, impressive career.
I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what song she does next. Surely her dad is going to make sure she doesn’t give up on her passion!

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