Here’s The Video 23 Million People Have Already Watched Since It Was Shared On Facebook

The scenes in the video below were recorded at a train station in Paris, but millions of people from across the world ended up seeing them. Nothing was planned; it all happened spontaneously, which is one of the reason so many people appreciated it.
It all started when a young man started playing the public piano in the train station. The man has a passion for playing the instrument and hoped to entertain some of the bystanders with his performance to make the time go faster.
Little did he know that an extremely talented stranger was standing just a few feet away from him, listening to him as he gently stroked the keyboard. After a while, though, the man decided to join him and stunned everyone with his amazing voice.
The incredible thing about this moment is that it wasn’t planned. Although you’d never guess it by listening to them, these two are complete strangers. They didn’t rehearse beforehand; they just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
The video was watched more than 25 million times. Make sure you’re not the only one among your friends who hasn’t seen this yet.

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