Man rudely steals her parking space, so she gets revenge in hilarious fashion

You’re surely familiar with that old myth that says men are better drivers than women are. Well, although many people believe this to be true, women have a few smart ways of evening the balance and tipping the scale in their favor. At least that’s what we can conclude after watching the video below.
In it, a quick-witted woman gets revenge in a hilarious and creative way after a man rudely stole her parking space. The woman decided to make the most out of a bad situation and found a way to actually park her car next to that of the driver who stole her space.
Taking advantage of the fact that her vehicle was a convertible, she squeezed the car in there, thus blocking the other driver’s access to his car. For her, getting out of the car didn’t pose any major inconveniences.
However, there’s no way that other driver would manage to get back behind the wheel, at least not until the woman finally decided to move her car.
In the end, she was the one getting the last laugh, so if I were you, I would definitely think twice about stealing someone else’s parking space, especially if we’re talking about a woman.

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