She’s Walking Down the Street – Keep Your Eye On the Men in White

What’s the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day in your vision? A romantic dinner for two, followed up by a romantic movie and an awkward exchange of gifts by candlelight? Or would you rather just crack open a bottle of wine and stuff your face with chocolate truffles?
Well, whether you like to do all the mushy things typically associated with Valentine’s Day or you would be happy to erase this day out from the calendar altogether, there’s no way you can ignore it.
Everywhere you look, there are guys with roses in their hands, couples kissing, and big red hearts. It’s easy to feel left out if you don’t have a partner to share this day with, so the talented young men in the video below decided to do something to show you don’t have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate and enjoy love.
The five men dressed up for the occasion and went out to random places in search of lonely ladies who looked like they could use something or someone to brighten up their day. They gave the ladies flowers, serenaded them and made them feel special – even if it was just for a little while.

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