Friends laughed when he gave up his apartment to live in a tent. Then they saw the inside

Would you give up your apartment or home to go live in a tent? At first, it sounds like a joke, but wait until you watch the video below to give an answer and form an opinion.
Bryce Langston, a member of the “Tiny House Team,” is perfectly happy living in a tent – but don’t think it’s just a usual tent. The man’s decision to downsize his home was triggered by his environmentalist concerns and his love of nature.
Bryce realizes he doesn’t need a lot of stuff to be happy, and managed to squeeze in all necessary things for a comfortable lifestyle inside a tent. The “Lotus Belle” tent helped him escape the rent trap and live an eco-friendly life.
The tent is located in the middle of a forest, but that doesn’t mean it offers no amenities. In fact, the tent has full access to running water, a cozy bed, a wood stove, a table that can fit up to three people, chairs, and even a fireplace.
If you’ve ever imagined how it would be like to live in a luxury tent in the middle of forest, then this might be the perfect set-up for you!

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