“Dear Dad, I’m going to be called a wh*re.” – This powerful video is quickly going viral

We like to think we’ve come so far as a society, and in many regards, we did. Things that didn’t even seemed possible on paper decades ago are now a reality. But we still have a lot road ahead of us if we are to be truly worthy of calling ourselves a civilized society.
One aspect that requires our immediate attention has to do with how women are treated across the Globe. The statistics are horrifying, but they speak volumes about the true proportions of the problems we are facing today.
According to RAINN Organizations, an American is assaulted every 98 seconds, with the majority of victims being under 30 years old.
But when does the assault truly start? To stand any chance of fixing this problem, we need to look deeper than that moment when the assault occurs. We need to look at the root of the problem, at what causes the mindset that leads to the behavior.
Dear Daddy is a five-minute video that aims to take viewers on a journey through a woman’s relationship with men, and it is eye-opening! Everybody needs to see this, so make sure to hit that Share button, so that this powerful message reaches as many people as possible.

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