This Spine-Tingling Version of “You Raise Me Up” May Very Well Be Your New Favorite

When a song makes the hair on your arms stand out, then you know you are listening to something truly special. “You Raise Me Up” is one of those songs that have the incredible ability of giving people goosebumps pretty much straight away.
But it’s not just how the song was created that matters. The way it is performed can make all the difference in the world. That being said, the talented young man in the video below definitely does the song justice.
Although he is only at the beginning of his career as a singer, he already has the ability to convey emotion and connect with his audience when on stage – which are two very important qualities any artist performing in stage should have, don’t you agree?
What’s even more remarkable is the fact that even though he is only a teenager, the boy has managed to already form a personal style that makes him stand out among other performers.
He definitely gave the song his own personal twist, and that made the song seem brand new somehow, although there have been many other renditions of the song before.
But don’t just take my word for it; take a look and see for yourself!

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