Teen sings “Hallelujah” into a well in Italy. The echoes from the well create a chilling sound

A girl’s one-of-a-kind rendition of Hallelujah has been viewed millions of times online, and it’s all for the right reasons.
Born and raised in Wichita, 17-year old Tiffany Day was on a school trip to Venice, Italy, when she and a few of her other choir classmates with whom she was with noticed beautiful well and went to take a closer look.
But Tiffany decided to do more than just take a picture of the beautiful well. She wanted to take advantage of the beautiful echo effect created inside the well, and began to sing, right there and then.
Luckily, one of her classmates managed to record the entire moment and uploaded the clip on Twitter. The rest you know.
All the attention and love she has received online after the video went viral has encouraged her to pursue a musical career professionally, so chances are we’ll be hearing a lot more of this talented young lady in the near future.
This is a performance you are not going to want to miss. Also, make sure to also share it with all of your friends and family online, it’s the perfect song to listen to during this time of the year.


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