Claire Puts a New Spin On Beloved Easter Song – Leaves Tears in Everyone’s Eyes

Claire Ryann is only four years old, but she already has millions of devoted fans from around the world. That’s because Claire has the voice of a little angel. She first gained the public’s attention after her dad posted a video of them two singing, and the Internet couldn’t get enough of her sweet voice ever since.
Claire and her dad released three more amazing videos where Claire sings her little heart out. Her Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story and Little Mermaid performances managed to wow us all, and now Claire is back with a new song, just in time for Easter. And she even has a beautiful video for it!
With an amazing field of flowers behind her, Claire belts out the words to the famous Christian hymn, “Beautiful Savior,” and it’s enough to put tears in your eyes. According to the clip’s brief description, this is one of Claire’s favorite songs and she couldn’t wait to share her performance with others.
If you’re still working on your holiday playlist, make sure to include this sweet performance! There’s nothing more soothing than listening to a talented child sing a powerful Christian hymn with innocence and purity.

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