This Popular Drink Destroys Your Thyroid. Do You Drink It?

For many people who are trying to stay away from dairy products like milk, soy milk is often their go-to option. Soy milk is often being advertised as being the healthier alternative to cow milk, but experts are now suggesting that soy shouldn’t be your first choice when looking for a replacement to milk.
How come? Well, apparently soy and soybean products can impact thyroid hormones, lead to weight gain and have all sorts of unwanted effects on the body. How can that be, right? Soy is so heavily marketed as being healthy and nourishing.
Here’s a thing you probably didn’t know about soy: factory farmers actually use soy-based feeds to fatten up animals as quickly as possible with no concern of the animals’ health or wellbeing. So, if it has that effect on animal, does it mean it has the same effect on us?
Soy is hard on the thyroid, and many studies have linked soy to hypothyroidism and other thyroid disorders whose many symptoms include weight gain, fatigue, lethargy and loss of libido.
To get more info on this important matter and find out why soy may not be the best food for a healthy diet, make sure to pay close attention to the video below.

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