Steve takes call on show, loses it when it’s the couple that took him in before he was famous

When we think about celebrities, we only think about their lives now. Many people envy them for their money, fame and all the other awesome things that come along with them. It’s easy to forget that many celebrities have lived many years being just regular folks like you and me.
Some of them even come from very poor families who couldn’t afford to provide them with basic things every child and teen need.
Some celebrities have had a rough start in life, although they are now on top of their game and enjoy being famous and having lots of fans. Take Steve Harvey, for example. Steve wasn’t always the funny, famous actor, TV host and comedian we know and love today.
In fact, when he was a young man, Steve was pretty down on his luck. But he had the fortune of meeting two special people who helped him out. Without them, Steve wouldn’t have been where he is today.
So when they called him for his birthday during one of his shows, Steve Harvey completely broke down just to hear their voices. Judging by his reaction and kind words, it’s pretty clear just how much that phone call meant to Steve.

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