Deer has hilarious reaction when ‘busy’ dog ignores her

This is the funny moment a wild deer starts dancing to grab a dog’s attention, but as it turns out, the dog is too busy to make new friends. The two have meet in a creek, not far from the dog’s house and the hilarious scene was caught on camera by the amused owner. Nearly six millions people fell in love with the sweet footage!


Deer are usually extremely timid animals, and they normally avoid human presence with any costs, but this curios white-tailed deer is far from being shy. So when she spotted a friendly dog, she just wanted to introduce herself. But the dog, seems a little too busy, though! Anyway, according to the dog’s owner, this isn’t the first time the two met.


Apparently, the friendly deer, was orphaned and she used to roam around the neighborhood when Yukon and his owner live. So every time when Yukon and his dad went out for a walk, in the wooden area near their home, Daisy – how they named the deer – was greeting them. After several months, Daisy lost her way in the wild and never returned.


“This deer thinks she’s a dog and runs with my dog when we go for a walk. This time she was feeling a little frisky,” the owner wrote on YouTube. Yukon and Daisy, an orphaned fawn, became friends briefly. Whenever I took Yukon for a walk, Daisy would suddenly appear. This particular day she was in playful mood but Yukon could care less. He just wanted to collect rocks for me!”

Watch the adorable moment below!

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