Dogs go crazy when realizing where their human is driving them

If there is one thing in this world dogs love more than a treat, than that’s definitely going to the park. Whether a pint-sized Poodle or a massive English Mastiff, they’re all getting overjoyed upon a visit to their favorite playground. But while some are just wagging tails, others totally freak out when realizing what’s their destination.


These German Shorthaired Pointers are totally losing it when their dad reveals where he is driving them. These dogs, also known sporting dogs can easily reach over 50 pounds, so that means they need lots of physical exercises. Although these giants are designed to be great hunters, they are extremely affectionate companions, too. The moment they realize their dad is about to take them to their favorite spot, these three lovely Shorthaired Pointers are starting to act just like a bunch of kids.


The owner is driving while his big boys are quietly sitting onto their seats. At some point, the man, whose recording the entire scene, asks his fur companions “Alright y’all, where are we going?” Surprisingly it only takes one second for the four-legged passengers to realize what’s their destination. And their reaction is absolutely crazy! Never thought dogs can get so excited about something that’s not a treat.

Take a peek:

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