Snowy owl spotted in Central Park for the first time in over a century

An extremely rare sight of a snowy owl sent New Yorkers on alert. Bird watchers and wildlife lovers got baffled after Central Park had one of the rarest wild visitors in over 100 years.

According to Paul Sweet, the collection manager of the Department of Ornithology at the American Museum of Natural History, the last time a snowy bird was spotted in Central Park was back in 1890, that’s roughly 130 years ago. Native to the Arctic regions, the snowy owls whoo breed in the tundra migrate south during the winter. However, spotting them so far south is an extremely rare sighting.

Since last week, when it was initially spotted, Central Park’s snowy owl became an internet sensation with everyone gathering in the park to snap a glimpse of this so rare visitor.

However, the authorities ask people to be careful and to not get too close to the snowy owl!

Watch the rare bird wondering the alleys of the Central Park here

h.t: ndtv | cbsnews

Featured Image Credits WinoBradNY/Twitter

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