Domino’s Pizza Cashier Pays For Police Officer’s Lunch To Say ‘Thank You’

We rely on police officers to keep us safe and look after us on a daily basis. Sure, it’s their job to do so, but it wouldn’t hurt if we would stop to thank them for their service and for risking their own lives so that we can feel safe and protected. It wouldn’t hurt to show some appreciation, especially when cops go beyond and above their call of duty. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture.
This cashier found a subtle way to show her appreciation and give thanks to a local police officer, and her generous gesture is going viral. You see, the woman work at Domino’s Pizza and decided to offer a free pizza to the first cop who walked into the store during her shift.
Police officer Paul Roemer was that cop. At first, the man refused the cashier’s offer, but after she insisted, the cop realized how much it meant to her, so he gratefully let her pay for his food. The cop said the whole experience left him with a smile on his face.
The woman comes from a family with several members in law enforcement, so she knows the kind of sacrifices these men and women do on a regular basis.

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