Watch UNICEF’s Powerful Video To End Child Marriage

Maybe one of the most disturbing aspects about society today is that child marriage is still a reality in some parts of the world. Children are manipulated or even forced into marriages with people who are much older than them. It’s impossible for a child to make that decision to spend the rest of their lives with a person at that age, so this is just another form of abuse, one that needs to stop as soon as possible.
Also, a girl who is married as a child is very likely to drop out of school and not receive a chance at a proper education. Moreover, many girls experience domestic violence and get infected with HIV/AIDS.
A girl who is married as a child is very likely to have children of her own at a very young age, which puts her at high risk to die due to complications at birth.
To raise awareness on this grueling reality, UNICEF and Bridal Musings creating this powerful video meant to make more people take an interest in this issue. It’s important that we all share this clip and get this important message out there.
All people need to see this!

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