Dressage performance captures the marvelous bond of trust between horse and trainer

Learning to train a horse is a long process, filled with challenges and setbacks. There are many different techniques you have to master and have a lot of knowledge in horse psychology to get such a majestic, independent animal to follow your instructions. There are several hacks and tricks trainers can employ.
But they are all useless if the horse doesn’t trust its trainer. You see, it all starts with the horse having the certainty that its trainer will only do what is best for it.
Whenever you see a spectacular dressage performance like the one in the video below, you know there’s a strong relationship build on mutual trust and even love between the trainer and the horse.
Esmeralda and her trainer, Will Rogers, definitely have a strong connection! It took Will several years to bond with Esmeralda and reach this level of trust. But it was all worth it! All that hard work and patience have led them to be two of the most respected performers in the industry.
You won’t believe the connection between this trainer and his marvelous horse! Best thing I’ve seen in a while! Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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