This is not your average cephalopod. It has unusual behaviour like bipedal walking and shameless shell theft

The ocean is full of incredible creatures, and the amazing part, we’ve only discovered just a small part of the mysteries that lye deep underneath. There’s an entirely different world below sea level, and it’s downright outstanding.
You just never know what you can come across at the bottom of the ocean. But I bet there are some freaky-looking creatures down there. One of the weirdest creature in the ocean right know has to be the creature shown in the video below, tough.
Called a “Kleptopus”, this shell-stealing veined octopus is just as weird as you think – probably even more. What makes it so strange, beyond its peculiar appearance? Well, this creature is best known for its unusual behavior that includes bipedal walking and its shameless shell theft.
Yep, you read that right. This veined octopus actually steals to get by and build its own little bunker for protection. In fact, its unique fort-building skills are quite impressive, so this is not your average cephalopod.
This is something you need to see to believe. And if you have friends who find the ocean world with all the creatures that live in it to be absolutely fascinating, then makes sure to also share this clip with them as well.

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