Elephants rush into pool to save drowning calf in dramatic rescue

Elephants are known as one of the most intelligent and sensitive beings on Earth. These majestic creatures are also famous for the special connections they share one with others. And these powerful bonds they share with each other make elephants overprotective parents. A footage showing elephants’ remarkable sense of sacrifice has recently went viral. The dramatic video, captured at the Seoul Grand Park Zoo shows two females working together in their attempt to rescue a drowning calf.

Image credits pixabay

The little one was trying to drink some water when he suddenly slips into the pool. As it is known, baby elephants cannot swim until they’re a few months old. The young female who was standing next to him starts to panic a little bit, but in a matter of seconds an elder female rushes to the scene and tries to grab the struggling calf.


When realizing she cannot reach the drowning baby elephant, the female rush into the pond and guides the little baby back to safety. As you can see in the video bellow, there is even a third elephant, separated by a fence, who’s visible affected by its inability to help with the rescue.


Even incredible, these elephants’ gesture and quick thinking is something very common in the elephants’ world. Elephants live in large families lead by a dominant female called matriarch. These giants stay with the same herd for life and they form incredible bonds with their families.

Watch the dramatic rescue, here:

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