Before Knowing Election Results, Ellen Records “Message of Hope” For All Americans.

No matter whom you were rooting for to win the US elections this year, there’s no denying that this campaign has left most of us feeling sick and tired of politics. The good news is that we don’t have to think about going through anything like this for the next four years.

In the aftermath of this election, many have stepped forward and shared their disapproval when it comes to who was elected president. They’ve shared their outrage, their desperation, and their profound dislike.

Others have chosen to take a different path, even though they’ve made it public that they were hoping the other team to win. Ellen DeGeneres has made it clear that she thinks it’s time for a woman to take lead of the country.

But, despite all that, she thought that what her audience needed after the election was hope. Hope that things can go in the right direction, as long as people can work past their differences and stand united for the greater good of the country.

Hope might seem like a small thing right now, but it also might be just what people need to heal from what happened during this bloody campaign.

Here’s Ellen speech:


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