Elvis’ Final Performance Was Rarely Seen Until Now, Listen to The Chillingly Beautiful Song Here

You don’t have to be a huge Rock’n’Roll fan to be able to appreciate the great artist that was Elvis. Elvis Presley is without a doubt one of the best singers in the world.
His unique voice combined with his presence on stage and performance abilities made him one of the most famous people to ever grace the Planet.
Even now, decades after he passed away, pretty much everybody still knows who Elvis Presley was and the immense musical legacy he has left behind. Which is why whenever rare or never-before-seen images or footage of Elvis surface online, people instantly go nuts over them.
This rare clip showing Elvis give one of his last performances makes no exception. In the video, Elvis can be seen performing a rendition of one of his favorite songs, Unchained Melody, in 1977. The Kind was doing a show in Rapid City, South Dakota, and some say that show was one of the best shows of his life.
The passion and intensity with which he sings and the way he is able to convey the emotion of the song to his audience is truly breathtaking! It’s thanks to videos like this that Elvis’s memory will never fade.

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