Elvis Made It Famous. But When Andrea Bocelli Sings It, Tears Fall Down Everyone’s Face

Andrea Bocelli is without a doubt one of the most popular opera singers in the word. The Italian tenor managed to do something extraordinary: make opera more accessible and bring classical music to the top of international pop charts.
His blend of classical and pop music has turned out to be an instant hit with a wide array of audiences. That’s an amazing achievement, because, let’s face it, classical music is not regular cultural fare in most cities across the world.
Bocelli’s immense talent, as well as his impressing ability to form a connection to the audience he is performing in front have helped Bocelli stand out in the entertainment industry.
Born in 22 September 1958, the singer became permanently blind when he was only twelve years old after he got injured in a football accident. Despite his disability, Bocelli followed his dream of becoming a famous musician. So far, he recorded 15 solo studio albums and sold over 80 million records worldwide.
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