Two Irish Guys Perch at a Piano. Their Voices Will Give You Instant Chills

Adele’s hit song “Someone like You” is definitely one of the most popular songs in the world. The song got over 900 million views on YouTube alone, and pretty much everybody knows the lyrics to this song. They’ve also been hundreds of different artists who have done renditions of this song.
Some were really bad, others were okay, but only a few were truly excellent. The Irish singers in the video below belong to the latter category. The two young men recorded themselves while singing a medley of Adele’s songs in their home in Ireland, and the video was a smashing success, getting a million views in just a few hours.
Then, just a couple of days after posting the clip online, Adele herself surprised the talented young men who were in the audience at one of her concerts by calling them to perform on stage. The initial clip got more than ten million views, and help the two singers really kick start their careers.
Since then, they were invited on several famous shows, and even made an appearance on Ellen. It’s safe to say we’ll be hearing a lot more of them from now on, right?

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