Every 2 Weeks Mailman Sneaks Away for 2 Hours. 34 Years Later, Truth Makes Headlines

Donating blood saves lives. And for the last 34 years, that’s exactly what the man in the video below did. He saved lives.
In addition to his regular job as a mailman in South Texas, Marcos Perez has also been making a contribution and helping out his community by donating blood as often as he can. More specifically, the man donates platelets. That’s because it’s a blood component which allows him to donate more often, and thus possibly help more people.
Since he began helping other people this way more than three decades ago, Marcos has donated 100 gallons of blood. In honor of him hitting this very impressive mark and saving thousands of lives, family members and employee at the donating center where Marcos has spent a considerable amount of time over the years threw him a special party.
But Marcos didn’t do this for the recognition. Dubbed as the ‘Babe Ruth’ of blood donors, he simply did it because he wanted to help others and this just felt like the right thing to do.
Watch the video below to learn more about his inspiring story and his mission to save lives. These are the kind of videos we should all share more!

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