Family On Safari When Elephants Cross Path. Capture Footage That Has Internet in Laughter

One of the main reasons people go on safari is for the rare opportunity to see wild animals in their natural environment. It’s the best way to study their behavior and realize just how incredible these animals really are.
The tourists in the video below got to experience all that and more. In addition to the beautiful scenery and the thrill of getting to see a large group of elephants walking just a few feet away from them, they also got to witness a moment they will never forget.
All the tourists were paying attention to the group of elephants crossing in front of them, when all of the sudden, the youngest member of the family of elephants stopped in the middle of the road and looked straight at the tourists.
And just seconds later, the baby elephant let out a sneeze that took both him and the tourists watching by surprise. The poor baby actually scared himself due the noise, and his reaction was downright adorable!
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