Family drives 2,500 miles for their long lost puppy, but watch who comes around the corner…

For many people, pets are a part of their family. If you’re one of them, then just the mere thought of being separate from your pet is enough to make you sick to the stomach. The truth is that dogs have a way of making us love them with their sweet and kind nature and playful spirit.
The Goldstone family was devastated when their puppy named Boozer somehow managed to escape from the backyard where the pup was playing. As soon as they noticed the puppy had run away, the family began searching for him all around the neighborhood. But despite their best efforts, Boozer was never to be found.
Years passed and the family was forced to accept that they will probably never see their dog ever again. But nine years later, they received a surprising call from someone saying they might have found Boozer. The crazy thing was that the dog was actually at an animal center located 2,500 away!
Find out how it was all possible and witness the emotional reunion between Boozer and his original owners by watching the video below.
This is the kind of stuff that usually only happens in the movies.

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