The Bulldog Sticks His Tongue Out. Now Watch What The Baby Does…

Some of the most candid videos online right now are of babies and pups. And it’s really no surprise why. Babies and dogs usually don’t pay attention to the camera and therefore act naturally whenever someone takes a video of them. Don’t believe me? Just watch the video below.
In it, an adorable 8-month-old baby seems fascinated by the texture and overall silliness of a bulldog’s tongue. The baby can be seen touching and pulling on the dog’s soft tongue while comfortable lying on his tummy.
The surprising thing is that the dog doesn’t seem disturbed by the baby’s attempt to feel its tongue. In fact, the dog actually appears willing to collaborate and stick its tongue out so that the baby can check it out in more detail.
Well, one thing is for sure. Babies and dogs are a match made in heaven. With every video that surfaces the internet and shows the two interact, it becomes more and more obvious why both dogs and babies would stand to benefit from living under the same roof.
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