Endangered tiger just gave birth to rare cub. Minutes later cameras catch unique moment

The variety of animals in the world today is quite impressive. However, some animals are in danger of becoming extinct, all because of certain human interests. Poachers are one of the biggest threats when it comes to preserving nature as it is and protecting animals against being exploited for their beautiful fur. The Sumatran tiger is near extinction, and one of the most critically endangered species in the world. In fact, there are only about 300 or 400 of them left in the wild right now.

This type of tigers is found in the area of Sumatra, a large Indonesian island west of Java and south of the Malay Peninsula. They are smaller than other species of tigers, but unfortunately they are extremely ‘valuable’ for their amazing fur.

Animal environmentalists are extremely worried, but are running out of solutions to tackle the rampant poaching and deforestation. It goes without saying that whenever a Sumatran tiger is born, it’s a reason to celebrate. So open that champagne bottle! Zookeepers at a London zoo have shared a very rare footage of a Sumatran tiger giving birth to two critically endangered cubs. You can take a look at the happy family right here!

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