Fan with Down Syndrome sees Steven Tyler at drug store. Then he invites him to his concert

When it comes to rock starts, Steve Tyler is definitely among the greatest. In fact, his image is so associated with this kind of music that his picture should be included in the dictionary definition of rock. We know he is a perfectionist, a talented singer and an incredible performer.
But what not many people know about him is that he also has an extremely kind heart. Aerosmith’s lead singer has been involved in multiple charity projects meant to help disadvantaged people, particularly young men and women.
But maybe most important is the fact that Steve Tyler has kept his modesty throughout his career. No one can blame Tyler for being smug or self-absorbed. He’s a decent guy who pretty much seems himself as being just like everyone else, the only difference being what he does for a living.
He’s up for making someone’s day better if he can. This is why when he met a fan with Down Syndrome at a drugstore, he took the time to talk to him and take some photos. But that’s not all he did, and for that young man, this chance encounter lead to one of the best days of his life.
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