Harry Connick Jr.’s Unique Spin On “Hallelujah” Is Now Going Viral

There have to be thousands of different renditions Leonard Cohen’s wildly popular song “Hallelujah.” Over the years, the song has been covered by so many successful singers, and each one of them left their mark on the song.
You’ve probably heard dozens of different versions of the song, but I bet you’ve never heard it like this before. The performance in the video below belongs to actor and singer Harry Connick Jr., and his unique take om “Hallelujah” will definitely leave you in awe.
His particular voice combined with the talented musicians who join him on stage add a new twist to this incredibly popular song that pretty much everybody knows by heart. The wonderful mix of gospel and bluegrass make it sound an entirely different song.
After the singer shared this outstanding performance on his Facebook account, reactions were quick to follow.
“Harry Connick has long been a favorite. Talented on so many levels, gorgeous doesn’t hurt either. And all of these people such talented and spiritual musicians. Leonard Cohen has left an indelible mark,” someone wrote in response to his video.
If you feel like taking some time to relax just about now, then this is the video for you.


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