Written in A Church Back in 1955, Classic Song Still Gives Me Goosebumps Every Listen [video]

The song in the video below is over sixty years old, but it certainly hasn’t lost its appeal to the public. People who enjoy and appreciate quality music still listen to it today, and it’s easy to see why the song has managed to remain popular throughout the years and withstand the test of time.
“In the Still of the Night” was released back in the 1950’s, but believe it or not, it only achieved limited success when it was first introduced to the public. That’s because the style of music was one that the American people were still getting used to.
However, over the years, the group’s warm voices have won over the public and they come to become one of the most famous singers in United States. As you’ll see in the beautiful performance in the video below, their presence on stage and the emotions they convey were truly outstanding.
These are the kind of songs that have lasting powers, and even decades from now, this song will likely still be remembered and cherished.
Take a few minutes out of your busy day to listen to this. Trust me, you won’t be sorry you did.

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