Father Doesn’t Recognize Family Anymore, Son’s Idea Changes Everything

All we do in life is gather memories. Some good, some bad, but they all these memories have a special place in our hearts and ultimately make us who we are. But what happens if you lose all those memories?
It’s a reality all those who suffer from Alzheimer and their loved ones need to confront on a daily basis. Ted McDermott found out he had the disease several years ago, and the news came as shock to both him and the rest of the McDermott family.
As a professional singer, the man led a full life, and had the opportunity to create many wonderful memories. The thought of losing all those happy memories, as well as his passion for music, was too much too bear.
So his son made him a promise. To always do his best to help him remember who he is. The young man managed to keep his promise with the help of music, and Ted has moments of clarity when his true self (and his immense talent) shine through.
This is them together singing in the car. Life’s not always fair, but at least Ted has someone in his life who loves him and his passion for music to fall back on.

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