Native Americans Began Their Dance, Marine Interrupts with Move No One Saw Coming

A Marine managed to surprise everyone during an edition of the Iowa Nation Powwow, an annual event which is held in celebration of homecoming and fellowship amongst the Bahkhoje people which form the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma.
The man was dressed in the official blue uniform, but that didn’t stop him from showing his respects by participating in a sacred war dance. The Marine danced alongside the leader of the dance who wore a beautifully ornate headdress, and actually managed to keep up.
In fact, he did a lot more than this! He proved he knows every single step of the dance, and executed it to perfection, much to the delight of the people watching for a side. Nobody expected for someone outside their tribe to know the dance so well, but the Marine managed to deliver a surprise they won’t be able to forget anytime soon.
You don’t have to be a professional dancer to see that this is not an easy dance to master, so this Marine’s skills are surely not something to be overlooked.
Also, the contrast between the Marine and the dance leader is extremely powerful, which only makes this video that much greater. You need to see this!

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