Here Are 6 Plants That Will Help Keep Your House Naturally Cool

Summer is here, and although it’s a season most of us look forward to all year long, summer also comes with a few drawbacks. For one, it’s hot, sometimes, too hot. Which leads most of us to having to crank up the air conditioning system. But that is definitely not the cheapest solution, right?
So if you want to save money without compromising comfort, you have to look at other solutions. One such solution are plants. That’s right, plants can keep your house cool. They can reduce the temperature up to two degrees, and that can really make a difference on a hot summer afternoon.
They are cheaper than electricity, they are environmentally-friendly, they can filter out toxins from the air, and they also look nice.
But how exactly do plants keep your house naturally cool? Well, it all happens through transpiration. Basically, your plants sweat (in a non-gross way). That sweat then evaporates into the air, and evaporation is, of course, a cooling process.
It’s important you know that there are some plants that are more beneficial when it comes to cooling down your home than others. In the video below, you’ll find a compilation of the plants most likely to bring you the greatest benefits.

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