Tiny Girl Refuses To Wish Papa ‘Happy Father’s Day’, Has Steve Harvey In Hysterics Explaining Why

For most of us, celebrating Father’s Day is a great opportunity to give our fathers and even grandfathers a call and tell them just how much we love them and how much they mean to us. Well, the feisty young lady in the video below has a different perspective, so when her mom told her to call her granddad to wish him all the best on this special day, she responded with sass.
Let’s just say the girl has some pretty serious rules about who she’ll wish a happy Father’s Day to. She won’t just wish it to everybody, that’s for sure!
Knowing her daughter is not going to oblige so easily, mom made sure to record the entire moment which soon went viral online. The producers from Little Big Shots got a hold of the hilarious video and decided to invite this spunky young lady on the show.
Steve Harvey had a blast interviewing her, and could barely contain himself from laughing all the way through the interview. It’s clear that this young lady is not afraid to speak her mind and let everybody know what she really thinks of Father’s Day.
You need to see this!


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