FDNY honors firefighters who battled Notre Dame fire

On Monday, at around 6:00 pm local time a fire broke out in the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. What happened next was absolutely devastating. Centuries of history have vanished in hours as the 950-year-old structured is now 90% destroyed.

The terrible news made around the world with many showing their suport for the French people, during these hard times.

On Wednesday, New York probationary firefighters have honored those who battle the flames of the iconic cathedral in Paris, in such an emotional way. During their final Spirit Run, before graduation, FDNY carried both American and French flags to show their support and solidarity for the 400 Parisian firefighters who “bravely battle the fire at Notre Dame,” Fox News reports.

The New York Fire Department wrote on Twitter: “#FDNY Probationary Firefighters carry American and French flags in their final Spirit Run before graduation as a show of solidarity and support for @PompiersParis, who deployed 400 Firefighters to bravely battle the fire at Notre Dame earlier this week.”

The Parisian Fire Department have done everything in their power to save the 850-year-old cathedral. While the structure was almost completely destroyed, the firefighters have managed to save the artwork from inside the church. After a 24 hours of battle with fire, they managed to stop it on Tuesday morning.

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