This company will turn your kids’ artwork into awesome jewellery you can treasure forever

There are few things children love more than exercising their imaginations; whether it’s by playing with toys or getting creative. And, more often than not, we parents find ourselves running out of room on our refrigerators because our little angels draw us so many pictures.

One company, however, has come up with a particularly long-lasting way of letting us commemorate our kids’ artwork – by turning their drawings into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Turkey-based Tasarim Takarim Studio is run by two people who have a background in a number of art forms including lithography, etching, and silk-screening. These are skills which they have utilized in their jewelry business, and to showcase them, we’ve compiled a list of 12 of the best pieces they’ve created!

1. A little footprint

2. A funky cat

Because let’s face it, family pets are often the subject of kids’ drawings.

3. The people a child loves most

It’s mom and dad! In stick form, obviously.

4. Self-portrait

This kid is positively beaming with happiness.

5. Watch out, kids! This is what happens when you eat too many sweets.

Although, admittedly, it makes for a pretty funky looking necklace drawing.

6. A beautiful butterfly

The only thing that would have made this better, in my opinion, would be if it had been created in color.

7. Rapunzel in stick figure form

She’s rocking that skirt.

8. It doesn’t matter how simplistic the drawing is, this company can make jewelry out of it.

This necklace reminds me of Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

9. What a hooting marvelous owl!

You can just tell this kid’s got a real creative spark.

10. Who’d have thought this drawing could get made into such a beautiful necklace?

Basically, all children should be jewelry designers.

11. Is it a clown or something else entirely?

I’ll let you decide.

12. This is another drawing that could be many things

I’d like to think that it’s a human/bunny hybrid.

So, the next time a child hands you a drawing, why not contact the wonderfully talented people at Tasarim Takarim Studio? I can almost guarantee that they’ll love to see their work in jewelry form too!

This article was originally posted on Craft Factory.

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