Fire station puppy adorably helps firefighters to workout

A cute fire station puppy has recently taken Internet by surprise with his devotion for the job and his lovely way to encourage his crew. The little one, named Marshall, is a new member of Seville-Guilford Fire Department in Ohio. Even he’s just for a couple of months there, the sweet Dalmatian is already making quite an impression.

In an adorable footage shared by the fire department on social media, Marshall steal everyone’s heart with the way he’s motivating the firefighters. The crew hit the gym for a workout as keeping in a very good shape is an important part of the job, and of course, the newest canine member could not have been missing. And apparently, the puppy isn’t there just for the presence, but to show everyone he’s a team player, too.

“Sunday night crew working hard to stay in shape,” the fire department wrote on Facebook. “Marshall is helping too! Strong work guys!” Have a look:

Even cute and very friendly, Marshall was brought at Seville-Guilford to become a skilful K9 dog. After his training, and of course, if everything goes according to plan, Marshall will be a certified therapy dog specialized in fire prevention. Fingers crossed Marshall!

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