Hidden camera captures cat and little boy having a sweet conversation

Even though many people are afraid to put newborn babies and pets in the same room, animals are actually extremely affectionate with the little ones. They usually make great buddies; friendships that last forever!

When Lindsey Needham introduced her newborn baby boy Brody to the family’s cat, she knew that Zara, the cat, will definitely love him. And she was so right! The moment she have seen her human brother for the very first time, Zara was so enthusiastic. She acted like she was waiting for that moment since forever. After all, she just got a companion to spend time with.


“When she met Brody, I was holding him in my arms after we got home and she jumped up on the chair and started sniffing him,” Lindsey shared with The Dodo. “She was purring immediately. She looked so happy.”

Even the little Brody doesn’t say a word right now, Zara and him seems to understand very well. Their bond goes beyond as they seem to have their very own language. While the baby boy is always seeking to play with his fur companion, Zara acts like the elder sister she is and takes care of Brody.

“Zara has always been so patient with him and never showed aggression toward him,” Lindsey said. “It’s almost like she understood that Brody was a baby, learning the world around him.”


Both Lindsey and her husband are aware of the special relationship Zara and Brody share, but they got surprised when the baby camera captured a sweet little conversation between their baby and his fur friend. Thankfully, they shared the hilarious footage online and our common hearts are completely melted.

“We open the baby monitor app on our phone and guess what…Zara was standing on the chair meowing next to the crib and Brody is standing up meowing right back at her,” the woman said. “They were having an actual conversation. My husband and I couldn’t help but just watch and laugh hysterically.”

You can watch the heartwarming video bellow:

(h/t: thedodo)

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