Flight attendant gives her safety speech, has passengers dying of laughter with her one-liners

As someone who is pretty much terrified of flying, I have to say that he safety speech I hear at the start of every flight doesn’t really give me much comfort. They all sound pretty much the same, and I know I’m not the only one who has come to pretty much ignore them.
Well, let me tell you, though, that if all safety speeches would be like the one in the video below, they would be impossible to ignore.
The hilarious “performance” belongs to a spunky Southwest stewardess who decided to spruce things up a little and inject some humor into her safety presentation, and it’s definitely one of the best safety speeches I’ve ever heard.
Someone managed to get the entire thing on video, and the Internet is loving the stewardess’s approach.
Now, I don’t know what are the rules exactly and what kind of policies are in place when it comes to airlines’ safety speeches, but if more flight attendees would try to make the content a bit more enjoyable, I think more people would actually pay attention.
Some people just excel at their job, and this hilarious flight attendant is definitely one of them!

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