Autistic Boy Innocently Stares at Snow White. Princess’s Response Caught On Tape

For most kids out there, visiting a Disney theme park is like entering a fairytale-like world filled with magic and where everything is possible.
Here, they get to meet their favorite cartoon characters and even hug them. It’s a memorable experience for all children, but it was particular special for the little boy in the video below.
Jack is two-year-old and had recently had the opportunity to visit Disney World with his family. Jack’s family were expecting the boy to be impressed by all the wonderful things and people he’ll see there, but nothing could prepare them for the boy’s incredible reaction when he came across his all-time favorite Disney princess: Snow White!
The boy has autism, so he has a different way of expressing himself. He usually doesn’t showcase his emotions, but what he felt when he saw Snow White was clear to everybody.
As soon as Jack saw her, he completely fell in love with her, as the boy’s recounted afterwards in a Facebook post. Jack just couldn’t stop smiling or take his eyes away from Snow White. It was like he was under some kind of magical spell.
Jack’s mom managed to catch the entire interaction between her son and the princess on camera, and the clip soon became viral. Millions of people from across the world found joy in this incredible moment of pure happiness the boy experienced.
This will warm up your heart. Actually, you may want to grab a box of tissue before you hit play.

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